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Toyota Sai AZK10

Vehicle No.:   ACQ 73097
(Vehicle Yard)
Make/Model:   Toyota Sai, AZK10
VIN: 7AT0H661X19068131
Engine:   NA
Transmission:   NA
Year:   2013
Date In Stock:   2 Jun 2022
Parts listed below have been removed from the vehicle and are ready for purchase
The parts below have already been sold
    Air Cleaner EFI 1/2 Air Box  
    Boot Lid  
    Boot Lid  
    Boot Lid Badge  
    Brake Line  
    Front Bumper Cover  
    Front Bumper Energy Absorber  
    Front Bumper Proximity Sensor  
    Front Bumper Reinforcer  
    Front Washer Bottle  
    L Headlight  
    L Outer Spotlight  
    L Spotlight  
    L Spotlight Bezel  
    L Spotlight Blank  
    LF ABS Hub  
    LF ABS Sensor  
    LF Bumper Retainer  
    LF Door Moulding  
    LF Door Rubber  
    LF Door Shell  
    LF Guard Bracket  
    LF Guard Liner  
    LF Guard/Fender  
    LF Strut  
    LR Crush Can  
    LR Door Moulding  
    LR Door Shell  
    Rear Bumper Clips  
    Rear Bumper Cover  
    Rear Bumper Reinforcer  
    Rear Screen Glass  

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